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Mobilizing AIDS Widows and Orphans of Kasavai, Kenya toward Self-sufficiency through HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, and Management, Small Business Enterprise, Education, and Nutrition... and Clean Water

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play school expands to include meals...

vocational/life skills mentorship and training program started...

BioSand water filters provided to homes and schools!


  CLOUT Cares helps widows of AIDS in Kasavai, Kenya lead   

productive lives and regain self-sufficiency and self-respect.


With the help of our generous donors, we:


  • promote health by:
    • encouraging awareness, prevention, and management of HIV/AIDS - we pay each widow a stipend for a monthly trip the clinic of her choice and a nutritious meal on that day,
    • providing a BioSand filter with its clean, potable water right in every home,
  • promote education by:
    • paying for the high school education of the widows' children,
    • providing sanitary napkins for school girls,
    • providing a free educational play school with a daily meal for young children,
    • assisting high school graduates and their peers attend vocational schools,
    • providing the base for a university education for those who qualify,
  • promote self-sufficiency and dignity by:
    • helping the widows start and manage individual and collective small businesses,
    • providing funds for the purchase of small animals with the goal of the widows earning enough from them to buy and raise cows,
  • support the community by:
    • active participation (at our personal expense), 
    • and active oversight (also at our expense).


      You may contact CLOUT Cares at any time -

      phone: 1-203-421-5708
      CLOUT Cares, Inc.
      77 Scotland Avenue
      Madison, CT  06443 (USA)
      CLOUT Cares is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity.  Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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