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Mobilizing AIDS Widows and Orphans of Kasavai, Kenya toward Self-sufficiency through HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, and Management, Small Business Enterprise, Education, and Nutrition... and Clean Water

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University education
Wow - nine of the more than 50 students who attended and graduated from high school with the help of CLOUT Cares attended universities in Kenya in 2016.  We are happy to report that eight of these students earned either full or partial academic scholarships at the universities they chose.  These scholarships were funded by local, state, or federal agencies. 
CLOUT Cares is pleased to be able to fully fund the ninth student, Edwin, at Masindi Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) in Kakamega.  Edwin got good grades in high school, but not good enough to earn a government scholarship (yet).  However, he has demonstrated a burning desire to succeed and we believe he has the ability.  He did very well in his first year at MMUST.
Edwin is majoring in Education at MMUST.