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Mobilizing AIDS Widows and Orphans of Kasavai, Kenya toward Self-sufficiency through HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, and Management, Small Business Enterprise, Education, and Nutrition... and Clean Water

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The Volunteers 


Who are CLOUT Cares volunteer members of the Board of Directors in the USA?


All CLOUT Cares Board members work on a volunteer basis.  None receives any compensation.


Terry and Sandy Kensler - Terry and Sandy live in Madison, Connecticut.  They started their work with the widows of Kasavai in 2006 and founded CLOUT Cares, Inc. with other board members in 2007.  They have two grown children and are the proud grandparents of five growing grandchildren - all helping them work toward a better world.

Terry is the president of CLOUT Cares, Inc. He retired from his career as a research scientist with Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2005. Besides working with CLOUT Cares, he has been on the Board of Directors of the Madison Land Conservation Trust  and of Madison ABC (A Better Chance). Terry is an amateur photographer and he dabbles in woodworking, art framing and matting, and various sporting activities (Le Petanque Madisonaise among them).

Sandy is the secretary/treasurer of CLOUT Cares, Inc. Before she and Terry moved to Madison, she was a public and private school music teacher in Indiana. She began a new career in Connecticut and is now an established and well-known artist.  Some of her work incorporating the people and habitat of Kenya and Tanzania can be seen at her website, 100% of the selling price of her African paintings and prints goes to the widows and orphans of Kasavai as donations to CLOUT Cares.

Fillmore McPherson has been a member of the CLOUT Cares Board of Directors since 2007.  He is also a past First Selectman of Madison, CT.


Denise Casey joined the Board of Directors in 2013. She is a resident of Guilford and is an author, artist, and a co-founder of the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative,


John (Jack) Penders, also a Guilford resident, joined the CLOUT Cares Board in 2013.  He is active in local politics and is the Chairman of the Guilford Parks and Recreation Commission.  He is also a member of Le Petanque Madisonaise. His employment background is in labor negotiations.


In 2010 we lost one of our founding board members, Erin Kallaugher. She died at her Madison home on after a long struggle with complications arising from a near fatal auto accident in 2005.  Erin also served on the board of directors of the Young Heroes Foundation (Swaziland), which she helped to create. We miss her.

Who are the CLOUT volunteers in Kasavai?
All work on a volunteer basis. None receives any compensation.
Dr. Constance Ambasa-Shisanya - Constance is a CLOUT Program Officer for Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS in Kenya. Her CLOUT (Center for Livelihood Opportunities Unlimited and Technologies) programs stress HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, care, and treatment. They also address the socio-economic needs of AIDS widows, orphans, and vulnerable children. Connie's post-doctoral studies in HIV/AIDS education at Yale University in the 2004/2005 academic year focused on her desire to start a CLOUT project in Kasavai. Her project in Kasavai received official recognition from the Kenyan government and got underway in November, 2005, just two months before Terry and Sandy Kensler became involved and a year before CLOUT Cares was born in the USA.
Until 2007, Connie taught theology at Kenyata University in Nairobi. She now does HIV/AIDS research and as an independent consultant. She and her husband, Chris Shisanya, have three children and live in a suburb of Nairobi. They also have a "village" home in Kasavai, about 250 miles from Nairobi. They both grew up very near Kasavai in Western Province. Constance was born in Esirulo. She and Chris are from the Luyha ethnic group and they spend as much time in Kasavai as the demands of modern life allow.

Terry and Sandy met Connie and Chris in Connecticut in August, 2005, just before Connie returned to Kenya after her post-doctoral study at Yale. They were impressed by Connie's vision and ideas and they modified a planned trip to Africa and saw her nascent CLOUT Kasavai project first hand in January, 2006. They immediately became involved, establishing CLOUT Cares in the USA one year later.



Prof. Chris Shisanya - Chris is the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Kenyatta University in Nairobi. He was born in Lusiola, another small village near Kasavai in Western Province. As a technical advisor for CLOUT, Chris evaluates proposals developed by other CLOUT Program Officers and deals with administrative and budgetary matters with CLOUT Cares.

Ms. Truphena E. Maloba - Truphena is a CLOUT Program Officer for Community Development.  She has organized seminars for widows on micro-financing and agricultural technologies for improved livelihood and was able to provide daily face-to-face contact between CLOUT officers and the widows, orphans, and vulnerable children of Kasavai early in the project.
Mr. Boaz Maloba - Boaz is a CLOUT Program Officer for Education. He is a secondary school teacher. Early in the program he monitored the academic progress of the students assisted by CLOUT Cares and advised on how to better meet their needs. He organizes drama and sports in schools with the theme of training children how to avoid contracting HIV infection.

What is the difference between CLOUT Cares and CLOUT?

CLOUT Cares is a US tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in the United States.  We have a five member board of directors and we support a specific CLOUT project working with the Watafutaji ("seekers"), a Kenyan CBO in Kasavai on a grant basis with full control of funds.  We visit Kasavai annually at our personal expense to evaluate and oversee the program.
CLOUT is a charitable, non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the Ministry of Culture and Social Services of the Government of Kenya. CLOUT identifies problems in vulnerable communities throughout Kenya, proposes low-cost technological interventions to address these challenges in a sustainable manner, and then helps members of the communities implement these interventions. The CLOUT Chief Executive Officer is Ms. Isabella Masinde. She is assisted by Board Members (Program Officers) from different ethnic groups and religious orientations. Four of these program officers work of have worked on the CLOUT project in Kasavai. All are volunteers and none receives any compensation. One of the Program Officers, Dr. Constance Ambasa-Shisanya, was the principal architect and initiator of the CLOUT program funded by CLOUT Cares in Kasavai.


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