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Mobilizing AIDS Widows and Orphans of Kasavai, Kenya toward Self-sufficiency through HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, and Management, Small Business Enterprise, Education, and Nutrition... and Clean Water

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A play school education program
In 2011 we hired a teacher and Sandy helped the widows start a pilot pre-school (play school) program for their young children.  In early 2012 two local co-teachers were hired and the program was expanded to five mornings per week.  It offers children between the ages of about 2 and 5 the opportunity to learn through structured and unstructured supervised play.  Each student also gets a nutritious snack/meal every day, something they would not get at home. Everything is free of charge.
The play school is located in the tiny building we rent in Kasavai.  It was originally open only to children in the Watafutaji widows' families but it is now also available to any child in the community who wishes to attend.  Attendance is voluntary and varies, but the average in the middle of 2014 was 14 children per day.
Rose (left) and Alice (right) shared
the teaching load through 2012.
Alice in now a teacher in a parochial school
and Rose now has a new assistant.
Our head teacher, Rose, is a Watafutaji widow with two years of high school education.  She is ably assisted by an assistant teacher hired chosen by her.  The school is no longer a "pilot" and it's thriving.  It provides a much needed head start for these impoverished children before they attend "mandatory" nursery school and then enter primary school at age 6 or so.  
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