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BioSand Water Filters for the widows and for schools


In January 2013, CLOUT Cares purchased 4 maintenance-free BioSand water filters at a reduced price from Friendly Water for the World for the widows on a trial basis. Those four filters were an immediate and resounding success.  Without prompting, the widows realized and commented that clean water from these filters could make a real difference in their health and that of their children. They also save on fuel and other expenses since the filtered water does not need to be boiled or treated in any way before it is drunk. 


 Below: The family watches the first stream of water from the new filter in Anna's home.  Soon, the water coming out was ready to drink.  And, there should be no maintenance from here on - for 30 years!




Below: Eric and his crew from Friendly Water for the World

deliver and install the first 4 filters.

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Local primary school children found out about the filters within a day or two and came to the widows' homes near their schools for the clean, potable water - something not available at their schools.  An opportunity presented itself yo the widows and CLOUT Cares to reach out to the community.


CLOUT Cares worked in conjunction with Friendly Water for the World to provide 44 more BioSand water filters in late 2013, one for every widow's home plud 16 for local primary schools.  The schools proved to be a bigger challenge than we expected because of their volume needs - but we are figuring it out with them and with Friendly Water


Below: Eric and his crew from Friendly Water for the World

manufacture the filters and more widows get them (photos by FWW).

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