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Mobilizing AIDS Widows and Orphans of Kasavai, Kenya toward Self-sufficiency through HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, and Management, Small Business Enterprise, Education, and Nutrition... and Clean Water

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What is CLOUT Cares?


CLOUT Cares, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity based in Connecticut.  We fund and oversee a specific program focused on awareness, prevention, and management of HIV/AIDS in widows and their dependent children in Kenya.  The program is centered in Kasavai, a small village in western Kenya, northeast of Lake Victoria and about 25 miles north of Kisumu, Kenya's third largest city. 


This is Petronilla and her first CLOUT Cares cow.

Indigenous cattle are what almost every widow wants. Cows provide milk, income, and above all, respect and a financial base for those who own them.


Your tax-deductible donation to CLOUT Cares goes directly to help the AIDS widows, orphans, and children of Kasavai.


100% of your donation goes to the widows, orphans, and children of Kasavai. Generous members of the CLOUT Cares board of directors cover all administrative costs.

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